Remuneration to the management of A/S

At present, no fees are paid to any boards of directors of the companies that are members of the Group. A/S, NPINVESTOR A/S and MDI GROUP A/S. Board members who are not employed or not shareholders with ownership of more than 5% of the Company will receive a fixed base fee in advance. The Company has not entered into agreements with members of the Board or the Management Board on special remuneration in connection with the Offering in NPinvestor.

Neither the board, the executive board, nor the employees of NPinvestor participate in incentive programs, warrants or similar. Members of the Board of Directors and Management of Erik Damgaard and Jan F. Andersen are shareholders of NPinvestor.

The remuneration of the Executive Board is based on a fixed salary and bonus related to NPinvestors, including the envisaged funding company NPinvestor Fondmæglerselskab A/S 'results based on market-based terms. There are no relevant share plans attached to the position. Independent Board member Christoffer Colding's fee will reflect the scope of the Board's work and the necessary skills that the work and responsibility require.