We offer trading in currency (FX), shares and CFDs on Danish, Swedish and American stock exchanges, as well as CFDs on the share price indexes S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100


You can trade the 40 largest currency pairs

CFDs (Contract For Difference)

CFDs Danish shares: Shares in the C25 index
CFDs Swedish shares: Shares in the S30 index
CFDs US: Currently, you can trade the largest American technology shares

Share price index CFDs  

S&P 500 index
Nasdaq 100 index


Danish shares: The 50 largest Danish shares
Swedish shares: The 50 largest Swedish shares
USA shares: The 50 largest shares on the Nasdaq 100 index as well as the largest shares from other US stock exchanges

We will be expanding our product portfolio regularly. If you have specific shares, currency pairs, etc. that you would like to add, then please write to [email protected]