Palle Larsen: Daytrader/Swingtrader

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My name is Palle Larsen. I have traded shares for more than 40 years.

I am the aggressive Day trader/Swing trader, who tries to catch shares, that drop very fast, at the bottom and sell them again quickly. And the opposite when the share rises very fast, I will short the share when it reaches its peak and once again take the profit home.

I have a Technical Analysis system, which I use for my swing trading.

I am one of the six people in the Trading Centre Odense.

My specialism is being able to read the market quickly and to gain an overview.


Danish shares.


Even though you follow a Copy Trader Master, then the standard commission of 20 DKK + 0.06 percent is used when trading with shares. No further charges are billed. Trading is done from an account with 100,000 DKK.

Minimum investment

The minimum investment in order to follow this strategy is 20000 DKK.

Description of Daytrader/Swingtrader

Day trading / Swing trading of Danish shares.

Historical return is not a reliable indicator or guarantee for future return.