Nanna Fick: Dow Jones

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On this page you can read about a strategy you can automatically follow on your own account if you are a client of NPinvestor Fondsmæglerselskab. In the box to the right, you can sign up to hear more about the strategy and about how it happens in practical terms when you want to follow a strategy.


Day trader and technical analyst, Nanna Fick, trades on the American index, Dow Jones, and the strategy is based on Price Action / Technical Analysis. The trades will be based on short-term movements in the index at day trading level. As a Price Action trader, the strategy is to go in with Break Outs, to follow the short-term trends, or to trade up and down in sideways movements.

Since gearing is high and only a single product is traded, it is expected that the account development will be characterised by volatility. With high gearing and high volatility in the product, you risk losing large parts of your account very fast in the event of suddenly large fluctuation.

Therefore, a part of the risk management is to regularly take parts of your profit out. Nanna will regularly inform on when she takes profit out.

Expected trading frequency per week: 5-20 trades.


Dow Jones on CFD basis. The Dow Jones CFD expires every quarter given that it follows the future. Trading with CFDs involves a high risk.


The strategy is based on an account with 3,000 USD and gearing of 20, but gearing can be increased further.

A fee of 0.25% is charged every quarter of the amount with which you want to follow. This is charged before
the start of the quarter, i.e. 31/12, 31/3, 30/6 and 30/9.

Minimum investment

The minimum investment in order to follow this strategy is 3000 USD.

Description of Dow Jones

The Dow Jones index was created in 1896 and now covers the 30 most leading shares in the USA.  The index no longer only contains industrial shares, but all types of companies. In order to compensate for market effects, the index is currently a weighted average of share prices, not a direct average.

Nanna can operate both short and long on the index.


There is a very great risk with this strategy and much greater risk than most are used to. All the funds can be lost if unforeseen price fluctuation occurs.

You must not invest more than what you can afford to lose.

Historical return is not a reliable indicator or guarantee for future return.