Nanna Fick

Nanna Fick is a day trader and speculator and trades on the largest indexes. Besides sharing material on trading, markets and signals on her own website, she blogs and teaches for, among others.

On her own website, Nanna has published the development of an account she trades according to the same principles she uses as a Copy Trader Master.

Nanna has achieved a return of more than 2,000% for the period 12/2/2018 to 15/10/2018 on the DAX and Dow Jones Indexes, respectively. Source:

However, it must be added that Nanna has operated with gearing up to 100 times on this account. When Nanna trades as a Copy Trader Master, the maximum gearing is 20.

A fee of 0.25% is charged every quarter of the amount with which you want to follow. This occurs before the start of the quarter, i.e. 31/12, 31/3, 30/6 and 30/9.

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Historical return is not a reliable indicator or guarantee for future return.