Lars Persson: Swedish Stocks

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On this page you can read about a strategy you can automatically follow on your own account if you are a client of NPinvestor Fondsmæglerselskab. In the box to the right, you can sign up to hear more about the strategy and about how it happens in practical terms when you want to follow a strategy.


The known share analyst, Lars Persson, trades with Swedish shares and the strategy is based on Technical Analysis in particular. The trades will be based on the long-term trend in the share market. Therefore, this is not about day trading. After a while, the portfolio with consist of five shares and there will be a regular change.


Swedish shares.


The strategy is based on an account with 50,000 SEK.

A fee of 0.25% is charged every quarter of the amount with which you want to follow. This occurs before the start of the quarter, i.e. 31/12, 31/3, 30/6 and 30/9.

The commission on trading with shares is normally 0.06%, but when you follow this Copy Trader Master, the commission is 0.1%.

Minimum investment

The minimum investment in order to follow this strategy is 50000 SEK.

Description of Swedish Stocks

Lars Persson publishes the share magazine DK Trends, among others, and is a permanent member of the Millionaire Club in Radio 24syv.

Lars has previously traded on Straticator, which in a period from 2013-2017 gave a return, to those who followed him, of more than 100 percent.

If you want to follow the strategy on your own account, you must set yourself up as a client at NPInvestor Fondsmæglerselskab.

If you are already a client, then log in and choose the Copy Trader Master called Persson Nordiske Aktier and has the ID number 152.

If you are in doubt about how to follow a Copy Trader Master, then read more here - or call us on +45 88300000

Historical return is not a reliable indicator or guarantee for future return.