Christopher Wold

Christopher Wold has traded shares since 2004. He has never read a book about shares but, over time, has learned by doing and has tried and tested various strategies.

During this period, he has discovered that technical analysis is the best tool, especially for the short-term analysis of shares and the market.

“I use chart patterns and Elliot waves a lot,” Wold says.

Christopher has been a guest on radio programs such as the Millionærklubben (Millionaire Club) on Radio24/7, but also in the general financial press, such as the daily paper, Børsen. This has also meant that he has gained a large group of followers on social media.

In an interview with Euroman, Christopher Wold said:

“I don’t drink champagne when things go well, but only when I feel like it. Because things go up and down the whole time, and I can often be mistaken. What I win on one day, I can lose the next. But I enjoy it and I intend to continue for a long time to come”.

If you follow Christopher’s trades, then you do not get the traditional approach like via a bank or a financial advisor, but an independent way of thinking.

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Historical return is not a reliable indicator or guarantee for future return.