Frequently asked questions - FAQs

Is my money covered by the Guarantee Fund?

Yes, amounts on deposit up to DKK 750,000 are covered by the Guarantee Fund. Read more here

How can I be approved for Copy Trading of CFDs (e.g. follow Nanna Fick)?

To be approved for Copy Trading CFDs, you must have both knowledge and experience of trading CFDs. Therefore, you will be asked about this when you set up as a client.

If you lack experience in trading CFDs, then you can go onto our platform and execute four CFD trades yourself after you have transferred funds. Watch our video guide here

The requirement for knowledge and experience of the individual products has been introduced in the legislation in order to protect you as an investor. Trading with CFDs and FX (currency) in particular involves a high risk due to the possibility for gearing.

Can you trade pensions funds at NPinvestor?

No, unfortunately this is currently not possible.

Do you report my tax?

No, but you will receive a yearly statement in January. In addition, you can also extract a report from Straticator. You can use this to fill in your tax return.

NPinvestor is obliged to report the actual transactions, etc. to the Danish Tax Authorities (SKAT).

Can I lose more than my amount on deposit?

No, you are protected against negative account.