Solid business base with full range of products and technology for online investment A / S is a Danish technology and finance company operating in the investment industry. Our specialty is innovative products and user-friendly solutions aimed at private investors, investment companies and financial institutions.

NPinvestor's social trading platform Straticator changes the way we invest. It improves the opportunities for investors to take advantage of the future investment form and technology for trading, portfolio management and asset management.

Own-developed new generation technology and trading platform
NPinvestor offers its proprietary online trading platform Straticator, from which investors trade stocks, index, commodities and currencies through their mobile phone, tablet and computer. The technology and trading platform Straticator is developed with all front-end trading features and features (such as stop-loss, take-profit, chart tools, algo trading in addition to the groundbreaking copy trading feature), back office facilities, compliance and infrastructure , API integration and professional solutions are provided, for example. hosted and iwhitelabel. See more at

Funding company subject to Danish regulation is the basis for long-term value
NPinvestor has received a statement to run its own fund brokerage company regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and notification with cross-border activity in EU / EEA countries. This includes that the fund broker can receive and convey orders and perform on behalf of investors. As a result, investors become customers with their own individual trading account and can trade and dispose of their assets via the Straticator in a regulated and supervised environment. NPinvestor can thereby build its own customer base and have a direct customer relationship. It gives greater profitability to the company than if the earnings are to come from third party cooperative and commission income. The Fund Brokerage's customers will be covered by the Guarantee Fund (Former Deposit Guarantee Scheme).

Competent and experienced management team
NPinvestor's operational management responsibility is handled by Martin Lykke and Jan F. Andersen. Both are pioneers in internet-based business specializing in digital and technical products and solutions focusing on the finance and investment market. Both possess the necessary professional qualities and competencies and have proven proven results, including driving and developing technology and finance-based businesses.

Investor portal is a springboard for the commercial rollout
NPinvestor has a solid commercial springboard for the marketing of Straticator via its own investor portal, which publishes financial news, stock prices and analyzes, etc. of listed companies. was founded in 1996 and is used daily by 8,000 investors and also publishes its own financial newsletter received by 10,000 investors.


Revolutionary features in Straticator - Copy trading and Algo trading
In the Straticator platform, investors decide if they want to use "Manual Trading" functionality, where you shop online on your own. Or, if investors want to use social trading methodologies with the features of "Copy Trading" and "Robot Trading", which provide investors with revolutionary benefits and opportunities not offered by conventional providers and platforms at banks and brokers.

Erik Damgaard has developed the Straticator

IT man Erik Damgaard started developing the technology and trading platform Straticator in 2009 focusing on algorithm trading facilities and then developing classic Manual Trading functionality in 2012 and from 2014 Social Trading functionality.

Erik's thirty years of experience in developing globally recognized accounting systems and the flagship Dynamics AX at Microsoft, cement him as one of the most reputable experts in his field. When Microsoft bought the business in 2002 for $ 1.4 billion, he became a key part of the development of Microsoft products for ERP and business applications.

Erik Damgaard has, with the same approach as the development of Straticator, developed a new ERP accounting system Uniconta, where the Danish pension company MP Pension invested 60 million in the spring of 2017. kr.

The shared economy expands globally in all sectors and industries

"The shared economies develop faster than Facebook, Google and Yahoo in total" (Source: Business Insider, PwC). "The dollar economy is estimated to have a value of USD 15 billion globally in 2015 and is expected to rise to USD 335 billion in 2025" (Source: PwC)

Uber or not: more than half a million Danes have thrown into the share economy (Source: Epinion Examination for Deloitte. March 2016) More than 120,000 have rented their own home, 105,000 rented their car, 220,000 summer vacation homes, other 65,000 landlords clothes, 65,000 machines, etc.

NPinvestor's idea and business model has clear parallels and common features with the development and use of social media and the share economy, where expensive intermediaries are removed and customers are active participants and co-creators of products and services.

The digital revolution creates change, new patterns of behavior and business opportunities

”Digitization is the main reason why about half of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared since 2000” Pierre Nanterme, CEO at Accenture

The economy is the prerequisite for new competitive digital rebels like Airbnb, Gomore and many more have emerged and are successful in conquering market shares and quickly building new businesses A/S is a digital rebel as "disrupting" online trading and investment management through new generation trading technology and trading platform Straticator. NPinvestor sees an opening in the investment and online trading market with significant growth and earnings potential.