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At NPinvestor we can now offer you Copy Trading in shares, CFDs and currency. Basically, the Copy Trading concept is about being able to copy one of our algorithms or experts’ trades and their return - completely automatically. You can also manually trade shares, CFDs and currency at favourable prices.

We call our experts “Copy Trader Masters” and they are carefully selected by NPinvestor based on their trading expertise. The individual Copy Trader Master will invest his own money in his portfolio and, consequently, run the financial risk.

We personally believe that Copy Trading opens up for plenty of interesting ways in which to invest your capital, and more products will be offered regularly so you can spread your investments into various risk profiles.

We want to give you the best possible user experience and we would really like to hear from you with comments, ideas or points of view. Write to us at [email protected]

The NPinvestor Team

Erik Damgaard has developed Straticator

IT-mannen Erik Damgaard inledde utvecklingen av teknologin och tradingplattformen Straticator under 2009 med fokus på algoritmtrading, för att sedan utveckla klassisk ”manual trading”-funktionaliteten under 2012 och ”social trading” från och med 2014.

Eriks trettio års erfarenhet inom utveckling av globalt erkända redovisningssystem och flaggskeppet Dynamics AX hos Microsoft, cementerar honom som en av de mest välrenommerade experterna inom sitt område. När Microsoft köpte bolaget för 1,4 miljarder dollar 2002, blev han en central del av utvecklingen av Microsoft-produkter för ERP och företagsapplikationer.

Utöver Straticator, har Erik Damgaard dessutom utvecklat det nya ERP-redovisningssystemet Uniconta, i vilket det danska pensionsbolaget MP Pension investerade 60 miljoner danska kronor under våren 2017.


The sharing economy is expanding globally in all sectors and industries

“The sharing economy is developing faster than Facebook, Google and Yahoo together” (Source: Business insider, PwC). ”The sharing economy in 2015 is assessed as having a value of USD 15 billion globally and is expected to increase to a value of USD 335 billion in 2025” (Source: PwC)

Uber or not: more than half a million Danes have thrown themselves in the sharing economy (Source: Survey by Epinion for Deloitte. March 2016). More than 120,000 have rented out their homes, 105,000 have rented out their cars, 220,000 their summerhouses, another 65,000 rent out their clothes, 65,000 their machines, etc.

NPInvestor’s concept and business model has clear parallels and common features with the development and use of social media and the sharing economy where price-raising intermediaries are removed and clients are active participants and co-creators of products and services.

The digital revolution creates change, new behaviour patterns and business opportunities

”Digitization is the number one reason why almost half of the companies on Fortune 500 have disappeared since year 2000” Pierre Nanterme, CEO at Accenture

The sharing economy is the prerequisite for new competitive digital rebels such as Airbnb, Gomore and many more appearing and having success in conquering market shares and quickly developing new businesses.

NPInvestor.com A/S is a digital rebel, like a “disrupter” of online trading and investment management through new generation trading technology and the trading platform, Straticator. NPInvestor sees an opening in the investment and online trading market with considerable growth and earnings potential.