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Revolutionary trading platform

NPinvestor's trading platform Straticator gives investors a new way to trade and make their fortunes grow. 

In the Straticator trading platform, investors can trade securities through their mobile phone, tablet and computer. Investors decide whether they will use classic Manuel Trading functionality, investing on their own, or whether the investor will use the Copy Trading feature.  

Straticator creates a whole new investment opportunity as talented traders and investment experts open up for other investors to copy their trades and strategy.

The core of the Straticator trading platform is the revolutionary Copy trading investment form, which automates trading and investment for private investors.

Copy trading means that investors automatically and in real time copy other investors' trades and portfolios directly from their own account in Straticator.

At the same time, the investor retains full control and transparency and with individual customization options.

Are you good at investing?

Become a Copy Trader Master so others can follow your trades.

When you are a Copy Trader Master you can increase your earnings by trading.

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